Our range of drills is outlined below.  From this we select the best type of drill and the best associated machinery and equipment to perform your installation.
Horizontal Directional Drills

Ditchwitch JT100  - Drilling equipment

Ditchwitch JT100

The All-Terrain capability of these drills are the only proven technology that enables simultaneous drilling and steering through rock and hard soil conditions. It uses lower drill fluid volumes which means less waste, less clean up – overall less environmental impact. All this equates to lower costs.


Capable of 900mm up to 1000m

Ditchwitch AT30 - quickest drill in its class

Ditch Witch AT30 All Terrain with Rockhead and Eagleclaw Ditch 

One of quickest drills in its class, less environmental impact, less disruption in urban areas, ours with cabin gives greater operator comfort. Advanced inner-rod design gives increased production in hard rock and difficult terrain.


500mm dia max length 450m

Ditch Witch 2020 - directional drilling equipment

Ditch Witch 2020

With 20,000 lb pullback force and 17,000 lb of thrust, this drill has outstanding performance on a range range of installations. Its efficient turbo-charged engine produces less noise, its controls are conveniently located for the operator and its high fluid flows enable longer utility installations and better performance.


250mm dia max length 200m

American Augers -optimum power drilling

American Augers DD440T (200 tonne)

The DD 440T is a track mounted, surface launched, fluid assisted, mechanical directional drilling system that combines optimum power with jobsite mobility.


1200mm dia max length 1000m

IMG 0990-295

Astec DD - 3238 Drill

Reliable 125HP turbo-charged John Deere 4045T engine, with 32,000 pounds of pullback force


630mm dia max length 500m

Reuben D80-243

Vermeer Directional Drill (80x100A)

This machine has the capability of installing pipelines up to 24 inches in diameter, and has 23 tonne of pullback force.


900mm dia max length 800m

vermeer 50 015-898

Vermeer Directional Drill (50x100A)

This machine has the capability of installing pipelines up to 24 inches in diameter, and has 23 tonne of pullback force.


700mm dia max length 600m

IMG 1202-660

Ditch Witch Jet Track 1720

8 tonne pullback force


300mm dia max length 150m

Right Side-292

Ditch Witch Jet Track 820

3 tonne pullback force


200mm dia max length 70m

Ditch Witch JT 8-60-178

Ditch Witch Jet Track 860

Compact, guided boring system for bores distances of 600 feet or more, its rubber track undercarriage provides sure-footed traction over uneven or soft terrain.


500mm dia max length 500m

Horizontal Drilling 004-959

Ditchwitch JT215

This dry-bore system is fast and strong yet flexible, when boring through a wide variety of compactible soils.


100mm dia max length 70m

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CCNZ Waikato
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CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2013