Smythe Contractors had its beginning in 1952 and fast became a reputable contracting company due to the innovative nature of the company founder - Bernie Smythe.  Bernie was the first New Zealand contractor to install phone and power cables with the use of a mole plough and today, Smythe Contractors continues to look for new and innovative solutions to minimise client costs, and to increase productivity.

In 1964, Bernie's son Mike took over the business.  On an overseas trip Mike witnessed prototype machinery for installing underground services without the need for trenching, and he instantly recognised this as being the future of underground utility installation.

Mike bought the first directional drill into New Zealand in 1989.  He had a difficult time convincing engineers to install underground services with this technology and fought for three years to get a directional drilling listing in the Yellow Pages.  Mike jokes now, that directional drilling machines are carried around on the back of vehicles like lawn mowers!

The company now boasts 8 directional drills - including the largest drill in the country (American Augers DD440T), a competent team including a Project Engineer, over 50 pieces of plant, and the undertaking of the most interesting and challenging projects in the country awarded by reputation.

Continuing our growth through the 21st century, our motivation is completing a succesful project!  As the social and economic focus upon trenchless technology tightens, we strive to keep clients' costs to a respectable level, whilst operating under the watchful eye of residents and community buffs.  We have been able to diversify by keeping in line with environmental changes.

It is well known that trenchless technology provides the most appropriate and cost effective method for tunnelling but often, projects require special insight into how to maximise the operation to gain the most successful, quality result long term.
About Us

As a long standing member of the "no-dig" community, Smythe Contractors endeavours to reach new levels of service to our customers through positive relationships and a strong collaborative approach.


CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2013

CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2015