Meet the team

Meet the team

Our team consists of friendly, family oriented solution finders, with years of experience and knowledge - we look forward to working out a positive solution with you.  We are lucky to have 2 engineers and 6 drillers/locators within a team of skilled, hardworking, practical solution providers - all ready to complete your job.

Introducing the Team

Mike Smythe,

A pioneer in the industry, Mike started Smythe Contractors Limited in April 2000.  With a huge wealth of knowledge and valuable experience in pipeline construction, including trenchless installations, Mike was always keen to offer his expertise on that difficult job.  As a member of the International Society for Trenchless Technology, he was part of many overseas study trips in terms of trenchless installation and pipejacking.  Mike passed away in December 2013 but his legacy continues to live on.
David Smythe 11-266
David Smythe,
Managing Director

David has over 25 years experience in all pipeline installations including Pipejacking, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe-bursting, Sliplining, Mole-ploughing and Opencut pipelaying.  Working in NZ and Australia as a Drill Operator on rigs from 2.5 to 220 ton, David's vast drilling has led to practiced skill in drilling techniques, procedures and mud design. He recently completed a Leadership Development Programme– National Certificate in Business Level 3 (2015-16); is a Level 1 STMS, holds a Site Safe Gold Card, and has attained national certifications in Gas Network Construction - Level 3C (Supervisor) and Supervisor - Civil Construction.
Phil Rush 08-286
Phil Rush,
Supervisor / Senior Drilling Operator

Phil has over 20 years experience in all pipeline installations including pipejacking, directional drilling, slip-lining, Gas mains, mole ploughing and opencut pipe laying for Smythe Contractors.  In later years, Phil has operated our larger directional drills on the more challenging projects, and uses his experience and temperament to guide the drilling equipment through a range of ground conditions experienced in the North Island region.  His training includes:
  •  Qualified Fitter & Turner
  •  First Aid Certification
  •  Mud Design
  •  SST Steering Operation
  •  Trafiic Management - Level 1  STMS
  •  NC Gas Construction - Level 3
  •  Confined Space Training
  •  Open Trench Pipelaying
Zoe Gilling, Office Manager

Zoe has been with the Smythe family since 2015 and is a happy smiley mum to all our staff.  Zoe is the first point of contact when entering the office at Smythe Contractors, her warm friendly welcome is iconic here at the office. Zoe runs a smooth sailing office and keeps all our finances in check with her diploma in Business Studies majoring in Accounting.There is no problem to big or too small for Zoe, the boys respect and appreciate all she does for us.

Kevin Smythe 08
Kevin Smythe,

Kevin is Smythe's longest-serving employee, with 40 years in the industry as an installer of pipelines and cables.  Kevin's local and international experience is comprehensive, particulary with the growth into the Maxi Drilling field.  His more recent experience in the USA with an AA440T is invaluable in terms of our establishment as leaders in the NZ Directional Drilling industry.
Mark Smythe 08-164
Mark Smythe,
Supervisor / Drill Operator

Mark has over 15 years experience in all pipeline installations including
Pipejacking, Horizontal directional drilling, Pipe-bursting, Slip-lining, Mole-ploughing and Opencut pipelaying.
He has worked throughout the North Island as a Drill Operator on Midi and Mini –rigs, from which he has accumulated a vast knowledge of ground conditions and developed various drilling techniques and procedures.
About Us

As a long standing member of the "no-dig" community, Smythe Contractors endeavours to reach new levels of service to our customers through positive relationships and a strong collaborative approach.


CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2013

CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2013