Meet the team

Meet the team

Smythe Contractors Ltd are a multi-resourced construction company with a proven track record of over 40 years, undertaking civil construction projects with great outcomes and satisfied clients. We excel under time pressure and have a solid understanding of environmental preservation.   

Our experience, determination and collaborative approach offers a satisfying experience for our clients, as a family owned and run business, our teams are motivated to achieve at the highest level, for the success of our client’s project, the good of the industry, and to prove ourselves as leaders within the civil construction industry.

We will strive to identify and control risk, environmental, personal and public safety prior to any construction activities. Smythe Contractors continues to improve on our installation techniques and methodologies, by training and seeking out projects that broaden and develop our civil construction teams and investing in quality machinery in this buoyant construction climate.

Introducing the Team

Mike Smythe,

A pioneer in the industry, Mike started Smythe Contractors Limited in April 2000.  With a huge wealth of knowledge and valuable experience in pipeline construction, including trenchless installations, Mike was always keen to offer his expertise on that difficult job.  As a member of the International Society for Trenchless Technology, he was part of many overseas study trips in terms of trenchless installation and pipejacking.  Mike passed away in December 2013 but his legacy continues to live on.
David Smythe 11-266
David Smythe,
Managing Director

David has grown with the business, since the days where his Grandfather started the pioneering innovation of installing phone and power cables using ‘Mole Plough’. In 1964, it became David’s Dad - Mike’s dream to develop the company into the quality trenchless technology installation, which Smythe Contractors Ltd of today prides itself in. David himself has over 25 years’ experience within the drilling industry both in New Zealand and Australia, working as a Drill Operator on rigs up to 220 ton. His skill and technique is coupled with his experience in best practice procedural development and mud design. It is this long history of experience and innovation that sees Smythe Contractors Ltd being able to offer advice, design and technology with every drill shot project. David took over the management of Smythe Contractors Ltd in January 2016. His empowering leadership style is creating a diverse team with a strategic focus. He exudes ambition to get the job completed successfully, whatever the conditions. David has a very detailed understanding of pipeline installations, which has been built up from many years of experience with complex projects.

Phil 2019-891
Phil Rush,
Supervisor / Senior Drilling Operator

Phil has over 26 years experience in all pipeline installations including pipejacking, directional drilling, slip-lining, Gas mains, mole ploughing and opencut pipe laying for Smythe Contractors.  In later years, Phil has operated our larger directional drills on the more challenging projects, and uses his experience and temperament to guide the drilling equipment through a range of ground conditions experienced in the North Island region.  His preciseness and unique ability to scope fine grades accurately is second to none in the industry. Phil’s value is exemplified in a supervisory leadership capacity. Phil is our key drilling expert for all Smythe Contractors LTD projects.  
Zoe Gilling, Office Manager

Zoe has been with the Smythe family since 2015 and is a happy smiley mum to all our staff.  Zoe is the first point of contact when entering the office at Smythe Contractors, her warm friendly welcome is iconic here at the office. Zoe runs a smooth sailing office and keeps all our finances in check with her diploma in Business Studies majoring in Accounting.There is no problem to big or too small for Zoe, the boys respect and appreciate all she does for us.

Kevin Smythe 2019-615
Kevin Smythe,

Kevin is Smythes' longest serving employee, with 49 years in the industry as an installer of pipelines and cables. Kevin has been at the forefront of Trenchless Technology in New Zealand having worked directly with the latest technology throughout his career.  His experience in trenchless technology has varied from gas pipelines through to some of the largest pipe jacked storm water pipes on the TEL motorway.

Kevin is driven to succeed and leads the team with enthusiasm and vigor which elevates their potential.

Kevin’s local and international experience is comprehensive with numerous training and site visits throughout USA and Australia.  On numerous projects throughout Kevin’s career, where the timeline and finish date were the most important aspect, he can be relied upon for outstanding results.
Mark Smythe 2019-263
Mark Smythe,
Manager Drilling Operations

Mark has over 25 years’ experience in pipeline installations with HDD, Thrusting, slip-lining, and open-cut pipelaying.  He is very analytical, and motivated to provide the highest quality drill installation.  He is precise and fastidious with any steering alteration that is required, where tolerance is extremely tight.  His knowledge and experience in difficult ground conditions plus accuracy in achieving shallow grades is first rate.   Mark has been operating Trenchless tools in NZ since the 80’s using thrusting tools and rod machines.  This vast experience translates into the understanding of underground tool movements and interpreting this information to make good steering choices. Mark is responsible for planning drill shots in the most challenging environments and overseas the operational drilling tasks to ensure quality service delivery.
About Us

As a long standing member of the "no-dig" community, Smythe Contractors endeavours to reach new levels of service to our customers through positive relationships and a strong collaborative approach.


CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2013

CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2015