Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation

Our fleet of Hydro Excavators will assist your project:

3000 CFM Vacuum Hydro excavation truck
Super Sucker
4000 Litres
4” Hose overhead Boom
3000 CFM Vacuum
22m of Lift
3500 psi Blaster
3000 Litres Debris small hydro excavation truck
Small Sucker Truck
3000 Litres Debris
4” Hose
4 Wheeler
1000L Water
3500 psi Blaster
8000 Litres Hydro Excavation truck
Sucker Truck
8000 Litres
4” Hose
2500 psi Blaster
9000 Litres Big  Hydro excavation truck
Big Red
Sucker Trucker Only/Strada
9000 Litres
4” Hose
No Water Blaster
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CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2013

CCNZ Waikato
Construction Award Winner 2015