We will provide you with the solution to your need for underground installation.  We have a team of experts who like being able to work out the best scenario for resolution - and we offer the whole package.  The types of services we provide are outlined below.  For more information on some of our more recent projects, click here.  Benefits of trenchless operations include environmental friendliness, reduced cost capabilities, shorter rehabilitation time, businesses can stay open during the operation.

Directional Drilling
Enabling trenchless boring, directional drilling allows sewer, stormwater, commercial power, gas and water to be installed under existing services, across rivers and estuaries and so on.  It is used in sensitive areas based on a steerable drilling system.  Environmental and social impact is minimal.

Directional Rock Drilling

Minimising mess and disruption, rock drilling enables you to not stop in the face of limestone, granite, sandstone, conglomerate, basalt, shale and so on.

  • Slip Lining - Using the "hole in the ground" concept, this involves basically pushing or pulling a new pipeline into an old one.  This method provides the advantage of being suitable to a wide range of pipes and diameters and is a relatively inexpensive and simple process.
  • ​​​​​​Landslip Stabilisation - The potential for geological instability can be great as a result of environmental impacts.  Prior to, or following major landslides, surface drainage sustems need to be installed to address the issues of ground movement and stabalise the affected area.
Pipe Jacking
Based on inserting a pipe from an excavated pit, this method involves the pressure from hydraulic jacking of the pipes.

Pipe Ramming
Using an impact hammer to drive the pipe in, is a similar method of insertion to pipe jacking, but in using the impact hammer - the need for a jacking reaction is eliminated.
  • Casing Advance - In situations where ground conditions cause issues for pipe installation, this method in where generally a steel casing is pipe jacked to enable later, a pipe to be installed within.
  • ​​​​​​Pipe Splitting  - Eliminates the need for expensive excavation and restoration, is designed for versatility and simplicity to replace or upsize existing water main, sewer or stormwater.
  • Thrusting - A basis for installing shorter lengthed services or those with a smaller diameter.  Forcing its way into the ground, an impact tool tows the service pipe forced by air.
Trenchless Technology ensures we can install, repair or renew utilities - ducts and cables using equipment and techniques that minimise or eliminate the need for excavation.

We also have the capability and resources to undertake all aspects of drainlaying and sewer requirements, and we can assist with installation and checking of gas mains and service.

Whatever your project, we will achieve it completely, with a guarantee from failure!
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