Open Cut Service Installation Expertise

Open Cut Service Installation Expertise

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       Open Cut is the use of open trench excavations to facilitate the installation of new structures or systems, including the
       repair or replacement of a pipe, conduit or cable.  The excavation is then back filled and the surface is restored.
       Benefits of Open Cut Installations are:-

        The benefits of Open Cut Installations
  • Cost effective, can be less expensive than Trenchless methods (if under non-pavement areas)
  • Applicable for collapsed pipe, severlybroken pipe and heavy root blockages
  • Pipelines can be installed to gradients of 0.5% to 70% with accuracy.
    Precision installs-108-560-438  Waste and Service installations-428-668-143-690-618-544-85  Amenity Terminating Points-192-165-283  Conduits and Services-444                        
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CCNZ Waikato
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