The Benefits of Trenchless Technology

The Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Today, trenchless technology provides the most appropriate and cost effective method for tunnelling.  We have the insight and ability to gain an understanding of what's required, an understanding of the conditions and the desired necessary outcome.  Benefits of trenchless are:-

The benefits of trenchless operations
  • Trenchless operation can offer a price advantage over traditional open-cut options of underground installations;
  • Trenchless activity is environmentally friendly with low disruption, minimum excavation and often - reduced cost capabilities;
  • Rehabilitation time for affected areas can be much shorter than open-cut operations;
  • The possibilities of trenchless operations to be installed beneath existing services such a buildings, roadways, established forestry etc'
  • Local business, roadways, trains, walkways and so on can remain open in operation as disturbance is minimised by trenchless operations;
  • Access of equipment is reduced, hereby minimising disturbance to the environment;
  • Pipelines can be installed to gradients of 0.5% to 70% with accuracy.
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