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Install, repair or renew utilities without excavating

Innovative underground technology ensures we can install, repair or renew utilities – ducts and cables using equipment and techniques that minimise or eliminate the need for excavation. We offer professional, environmentally friendly services in directional drilling for residential clients, small businesses, large corporates, utility providers, local authorities and homeowners.

Modern specialist construction equipment

We have modern specialist construction equipment including directional drills, mud separation plants, hydro-excavators, de-watering equipment, excavators 1.5 to 35-ton, and pipe jacking rigs. Our equipment is serviced, maintained with multiple units capable of installing larger diameter pipes, and additional support machinery for most situations.  

Dedicated to environmental preservation

We pride ourselves on our commitment to keeping environmental impact to a minimum; to ensure day to day life within the vicinity of the project can continue as normal, while reducing the earth movement. Constant focus on reduction of our environmental footprint.

Our Services in the North Island

We're proud to have been part of some large-scale infrastructure projects spanning the North Island. We Service Auckland, Waikato, BOP, Wellington and most places inbetween.

Trenchless Technology ensures we can install, repair or renew utilities – ducts and cables using equipment and techniques that minimise or eliminate the need for excavation.

Environmental protection is a main company objective. We recycle our drilling mud where possible to reduce waste, while maintaining constant awareness and mitigation of pollution.

Health & Safety

At the core of providing you with the best quality, most cost effective drilling solution is our commitment to protect the health & safety of all within or affected by our daily work activities.  We operate to high health and safety standards and best practice guidelines, with skilled and trained teams working to robust processes.  We constantly review our processes and activities as part of our drive for continual improvement, within all areas of the business.

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