Environmentally friendly drilling solutions

Environmental benefits of Trenchless Technology

Trenchless or underground directional drilling has benefits over traditional open cut options including:

Reduces carbon footprint

less carbon emissions

Less impact & disruption

less environmental and social impact & minimised disruption to services within the area

Improved sustainability

less rehabilitiation time

Best for productivity & the environment

We strive to keep environmental impact to a minimum so day-to-day life in the vicinity of the project continues as normal, while also reducing waste where possible. Use of our newer recycler onsite reduces our environmental footprint even further.

Reducing paper waste

Smythe Contractors are also committed to reducing paper waste, we use Smartsheet software, reducing the need for site paperwork while promoting ground-level collaboration between all parties involved in the project. 

How Horizontal Directional Drilling works

During Horizontal Directional Drilling, a "drilling mud" is injected into the bore hole during pipe installation. The drilling mud helps to stabilize the bore hole and remove soil cuttings. As a result, significant volumes of fluid become a by-product of the pipe installation process.  

Always looking to further reduce our environmental footprint, in 2019 we invested in a new Vermeer R9X12T Mud Recycler. This piece of equipment recycles drilling fluid, allowing us to reuse significant volumes of drilling mud – saving in mud disposal, travel associated with disposal, all leading to a reduction of our economic footprint.

By using this recycler on the Hamilton City Council Peacocke Wastewater project where we drilled for CB Civil, the project saved in excess of 200,000L of drill mud being cut to waste through recycling instead.

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint flows right through the organisation. Where travel time to our projects is greater than 1.5 hours, our teams stay at the location, saving fuel, travel time and our carbon footprint. We are committed to protecting New Zealand’s natural environment for future generations.

Reuse, Recycle

Vermeer R9X12T Mud Recycler

Since the Waiari Trunk Watermain project for Tauranga City Council 2019-2021, this piece of specialist equipment is being frequently used on various sites across the North island. Hereby decreasing carbon footprint and making directional drilling even more sustainable.

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